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The image depicts a flat rooftop covered with rows of solar panels, with trees and buildings visible in the background under a clear blue sky.
A Chevrolet car dealership with solar panels installed over parking spots, vehicles on display, and dealership branding on the storefront.
Aerial view of a two-story house with a solar panel array on the roof. Surrounded by greenery, a deck, and rural landscape with scattered buildings.
Solar panels facing the sun
An aerial view of a suburban neighborhood showing rooftops, some with solar panels, cars parked on a street, and backyards with trees and lawns.


This is a logo with the text "PROUD MEMBER OF SOLAR ALBERTA" in blue and orange, featuring an abstract orange solar panel design.
The image displays the "Certified B Corporation" logo in grayscale, with a bold letter "B" encircled by the words "Certified" and "Corporation."
The image shows a logo consisting of clusters of green and blue dots above the text "Canadian Renewable Energy Association," implying a focus on sustainable energy in Canada.
This is a simplified, iconic representation of a person with a circle for the head and a curved line for the body, depicted in a teal color against a black background.
This is an advertisement for the "Social Procurement Professional Certificate" by Buy Social Canada. It lists benefits such as creating social value and developing policies.
This image displays a circular logo for a "Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition" (COR) with golden and green color accents on a white background.

My husband and I were interested in green technologies and lowering our energy costs. We are very thankful to Rocky Mountain Solar Co. for having guided us, and for installing solar panels on our house. Jared M. is a great communicator, responding quickly to our numerous questions. He made sure we understood every step of the process. Jared also showed understanding when delays occurred due to the grant and loan application. The crew that installed the panels was top-notch. The installers kept us informed our their work plan, made sure the site was kept clean, and were punctual and most polite. We are excited to have adopted this newer technology, and look forward to learning more. We will recommend this company to friends and neighbours for sure. Thank you, Jared and Rocky Mountain Solar Co.!

— Sylvie M

Rocky Mountain Solar Co. was great to work with, and we are really happy we decided to use them for our solar installation. They are professional, they use top-of-the-line products, and they have fantastic customer service. Everything about our experience was positive – we highly recommend them!

— Sean P

We had an excellent experience working with this company. Their staff was knowledgeable, honest, and professional. None of the pushy sales tactics we experienced elsewhere. We had our rooftop solar installation done exactly how we wanted in a very timely manner, with great communication the whole way through. We will use them again for future projects.

— Lindsay D

Jared and Sophie provided a great service from the initial meeting through to wrap-up, post-installation. Everything was clearly explained and communications were extremely timely, all the way through the project. Would definitely recommend it to others.

— Claire H

This company was great to deal with from the beginning! Communication and installation were fast, the price was competitive, and I loved using the app to monitor real-time production. It has literally become a competition between us and the neighbours, as to who is producing more! I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Solar Co., and am proud to have had them install our solar panels and guide us through the process.

— A Lang

The Rocky Mountain team exceeded my expectations every step along the way to a successful installation. It’s a challenging project simplified by Jared, Sophie, and the whole RMS crew. I highly recommend them for prompt service, quality work, and first-class professionalism.

— Russ C
This image shows a close-up of a solar panel, highlighting the intricate patterns of silicon cells with metallic grid lines for energy collection.
The image shows a series of solar panels installed on a slanted metal roof of a building, with agricultural silo structures and open countryside in the background.