Calgary’s Solar Advantage

When it comes to alternative energy solutions, Calgary stands out as a prime location to harness the power of the sun. With a variety of incentives, abundant sunlight, and increasing energy costs, our city is ideal for your solar project.

Snow-capped mountain peaks bathed in pink and purple hues of dusk or dawn with dense forests on their slopes under a soft-colored sky.
A two-story house with solar panels on the roof and a mix of red and beige sidings is shown. A telescopic handler is parked nearby under a cloudy sky.
Aerial view of a residential neighborhood with detached houses, mature trees, green lawns, solar panels on roofs, cars parked on driveways, and a cul-de-sac.
A city skyline at sunset with the sun reflecting off high-rise buildings, a river in the foreground, and a clear sky above.
Aerial view of a two-story house with a brown roof, solar panels, well-manicured lawn, a white SUV parked outside, and trees nearby.