Solar Tips & Tricks

Thinking about installing solar for your home or business?

Here are some tips & tricks to help your search for the right solar contractor:

Aerial view of a suburban neighborhood with single-family homes. Lush trees, green lawns, driveways, and cars are visible, under a clear sky.


This is a logo with the text "PROUD MEMBER OF SOLAR ALBERTA" in blue and orange, featuring an abstract orange solar panel design.
The image displays the "Certified B Corporation" logo in grayscale, with a bold letter "B" encircled by the words "Certified" and "Corporation."
The image shows a logo consisting of clusters of green and blue dots above the text "Canadian Renewable Energy Association," implying a focus on sustainable energy in Canada.
This is a simplified, iconic representation of a person with a circle for the head and a curved line for the body, depicted in a teal color against a black background.
This is an advertisement for the "Social Procurement Professional Certificate" by Buy Social Canada. It lists benefits such as creating social value and developing policies.
This image displays a circular logo for a "Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition" (COR) with golden and green color accents on a white background.